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WPPI 2010

I’m back from a wirlwind adventure in Vegas that included a mini vacation with friends and then a much needed business trip full of inspiration at WPPI. This was the third time I have gone to Vegas to experience the speakers, tradeshow and most importantly all the networking with photographers from all over the world. So excited about all the wonderful people I met.

In the past I felt lost in the sea of photographers, not knowing what worked for me in my business. This year I felt confident, knowing that I already had established my workflow, made my own business decisions and could confidently walk through the tradeshow without feeling overwhelmed.

The best part of WPPI is networking with the photographers I already know who are a big part of my life, like the AKC girls, and the ones I didn’t know but can’t wait to learn more from.

Thanks to WPPI, VEGAS and the wonderful girls of Alpha Kappa Camera for making this WPPI a trip to remember! Looking forward to WPPI 2011!

1st row: Lizette, Melissa and I outside Cesear’s Palace. Olga and Rocio at a Mexican Restaurant.

2nd row: Cristi and I at a Mexican Restuarant. Jasmine Star Platform class at WPPI.

3rd row: Tania and I at the Airhorn and Laser party. The AKC girls at one of our many dinners together at WPPI.

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Alpha Kappa Camera

Hey internet people!! I am in Charleston, South Carolina with 8 amazing photographers. I had met some of these girls at WPPI last February, but others I just met today. Which is crazy yet fun because we are all like best friends already. 

Here is a map Cristi made.


For the rest of the week we will be relaxing by the beach and talking shop. Learning from each other and just having a great time. 

Here is a list of the other girls here. 

Trina from Utah, Cristi from Arizona, Kara from Michigan, Sam from Maine, Shea from Tenessee, Lee Ann from North Carolina,Amelia from Alabama, and Lisette from Georgia.

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MJ 2 Day Trailer

During the MJ 2 Day workshop with the fabulous Melissa Jill, a videographer documented the day for a trailer video.  

Here it is:


I’m a firm believer that you have to keep learning and pushing yourself to become a better photographer and business woman. This workshop was just that, a little photography and a little business. If you follow her blog you will learn a lot, but meeting Melissa Jill in person and listening to her pour out information was just the right thing for me.  

Happy Friday!

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