Monthly Archives: November 2007

Shiny Silver…o so pretty

Thanks to the wonderful people at the Verizon Wireless on Woodridge I was able to replace my phone (the LG 8600). Although it was hard to part from my black phone, the silver phone (LG 8700) they replaced it with is the upgrade. So I ended up getting a sweet deal. Now Pepe and I […]

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Helen's Garden-League City Wedding: Maria and Anthony

As he walked her down the path where she would become a wife and his first born would no longer live under his roof he chocked up. Here was his little girl all grown up. Maria and Anthony are just one of those couples that the moment you meet them you see the love ozzing […]

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The cell phone…

…is dead. It will not charge. I do apologize if you have been trying to contact me and I have not gotten back with you. I am going to take it in to see what they (Verizon) can do. Meanwhile you can reach me by email: I will return email, I check it every […]

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