Weekend in Philly

A couple of weeks ago my cousin Sabrina came to visit me during her Spring break and we took a bus to visit Philly and of course have a Philly Cheesesteak.:)In true New York fashion we walked all over the city!

Philadelphia City Hall

Philly LOVE sign!

Independence Hall behind me, another view of City Hall and the By George cheesesteak that didn’t stand a chance!

Independence Hall is where the declaration of independence was signed. So much history in Philly!

And of course a lot of American pride!!

Great city and still lots to do. Will be back for more history, art and a cheesesteak!:)


Weekend in Stockholm

Last November I took a trip to visit my brother in Copenhagen and meanwhile we visited Stockholm and Prague. It was a great bonding experience to travel just the two of us as adults. I am so proud of the man he has become. They say you don’t really know someone until you travel with them, well just in case I needed more confirmation about how responsible and thoughtful he can be..I got it.

Here are some photos from Stockholm.

The Nordic Museum

The Vasa Museum

Vasa, the ship wrecked in it’s first voyage.

The Blue Gate on the island of Djurgården, which was once a royal hunting ground.

The view across the bridge on a street called Strandvägen in Central Stockholm.

And for lunch of course we found the one place that somewhat remotely reminded us of home…Texas Longhorn.


New York City Engagement: Kaela and Joe

This engagement session is very close to my heart! You see Kaela and I are roommates and all though I am 10 years older then her we get along super well. She is so grown up and mature for her young age. She moved to the city to go to cosmetology school and while volunteering with her church after Hurricane Sandy devastated New York City she met a boy. Not just any boy, THE boy!

I must say that seeing them interact and how caring they are for one another makes me have butterflies in my stomach! True, young love…. *sigh*

This session was actually my idea. I wanted to take advantage of the fall foliage and wanted to get some photos of an adorable couple! I ran the idea by Kaela and she asked Joe and before we knew it we had a date planned.  It was a beautiful Sunday morning but just as we were getting ready to start our session in Central Park the rain came…so we made a dash for lower Manhattan and found ourselves in Washington Square Park. Thankfully the rain stopped and we were able to shoot some beautiful photos.

Here is how the session started:

And before I knew it, Joe was on one knee and he caught Kaela and myself by surprise. I was just as nervous as her I think.

After just about a year of dating, Kaela and Joe got engaged in the city where they fell in love!

Kaela-you are going to be the most stunning bride!

Afterwards we celebrated with crepes back at the apartment while Kaela and Joe face timed their families to tell them about the engagement! Couldn’t be happier for my roomie!